Strength and Stretch -a mix of traditional yoga asanas designed to encourage strength.  Paced so that all levels will be comfortable.

Hot…Hot…Hot Yoga-   Let's "get physical" and "warrior" like in this heated Vinyasa style class, paired with fun, funky music.

Easy Flow Yoga - beginner level. Bringing the components of strength, flexibility and stress reduction together while learning the proper body alignment with breath awareness and movement .

Power Hour- Ready to challenge your Asana?  Move, sweat, breathe in this heated (85 to 90 degrees) mixed level Baptiste style Power Yoga class.

The Art of Intention- A mixed level Vinyasa class. Yoga postures and sequencing designed to release tension and blocks in the body and mind.  Ths class is inspired by a compilation of postitive affirmation cards available during practice to polish thoughts and feelings and bring clarity to your vision.   

Vinyasa Yoga, with essential oils- Movements in synchronization with breath.  This class couples the yoga practice with Aromatherapy.  Aromatherapy involves the application and diffusion of pure plant essential oils that influence physical wellness, a positive emotional state and mental clarity.  Combining this with yogacan powerfully enhance the yoga journey.

Yoga for the New Week-  This class will bring you into the present moment through breath and mindful movement.  The poses will be held just a bit longer, to allow you to tune into your subtle body, connecting body, mind and spirit.  Learn how to listen to your body and to connect to your own internal teacher.  Your body, your practice, your mat.  This class will end with a guided meditation practice to support self awareness:  fostering more calm, clarity and improving well beith....all in an effort to get you prepared to face the new week ahead.