"Yoga is not just another self-improvement craze...It is a practice of self-acceptance, which is a very different thing.  You don't need to be fixed, you simply need to.... remember who you truly are."


In place of Hot, Slow, Flex this Sunday, we will offer Hot Yoga with Leah at 3:30pm.  


Yogafit for Warrior (PTSD) training- We will be hosting a teacher training October 17th- 18th at the studio.  You can find information here: http://www.yogafit.com/trainings/100-hour-warriors-program/ or contact me, directly.  


We have several other modules of the Yogafit for Warriors certification scheduled over the coming months.  


**YogaFit for Warriors (PTSD)-  October 17/18, 2015


**Restorative Therapeutics   Jan 23/24, 2016


**Healing Emotional and Physical Trauma-  April 23/24, 2016


**YogaFit for Balancing Mood-   August 27/28, 2016