"Yoga is not just another self-improvement craze...It is a practice of self-acceptance, which is a very different thing.  You don't need to be fixed, you simply need to.... remember who you truly are."


We are hosting some yoga teacher training this weekend,

so we will not have our regular classes Sunday.

Starting July 11th......Yoga +....Yoga + is a new class designed to expand your yoga knowledge...your toolkit, if you will.  We will explore some new poses, and get deeper into poses we've been doing for years by breaking them down.  We'll also talk about the other "limbs" of yoga.  These are some of the non-pose parts of yoga that you might consider adding to your practice...or maybe you don't.  As I always say "your body, your practice, your mat."  I see our job as instructors simply to make the information available for you.  Ultimately, you are the master of your own practice.     Hopefully I'll see you there.  Namaste, Patti


Yogafit Prenatal Teacher Training- July 15, 2017

Designed exclusively for YogaFit by a board‐certified OB/GYN, this one‐day workshop explores the physical and emotional changes women face during pregnancy and offers classic yoga poses, linked together in a gentle flow, that are appropriate for pregnancy and the postnatal experience.   www.yogafit.com or talk to Patti for more information.

Yogafit Working with the Chakras- Teacher Training- July 16, 2017

Much has been written about the chakras—the seven energy centers of spiritual power that reside deep within our bodies and help regulate everything from our physical health to our emotional and mental health. YogaFit’s own teacher-­training modules have covered the chakras in detail, exploring how they work and how they affect overall health and wellness. In this one­-day intensive, you’ll work with your own chakra energies, learning chakra balancing and healing techniques to awaken a deeper connection to Self.   www.yogafit.com or talk to Patti for more information