"Yoga is not just another self-improvement craze...It is a practice of self-acceptance, which is a very different thing.  You don't need to be fixed, you simply need to.... remember who you truly are."


There will be no Yoga for your health this Thursday at 5:30, but it'll be back next week.  

Sunday-  No Hot Hot Hot Yoga, and the Yoga for the New Week will shift to 6pm.  We have a teacher training that we are hosting 8-5 Saturday and Sunday.   Sorry for any inconvenience.  


New Class- Yoga for Your Health-  We're thrilled to welcome Macy Kalb back to inYoga for this new class.  Each week will focus on a different health topic. This week is Hips Openers for Emotional Health.  Come join her on Thursday, at 5:30pm.


Reminder, the Wednesday morning class is going on hiatus for the month of August.  Watch for something new to take it's place in September.  


Special Trainings.

We have several other modules of the Yogafit for Warriors certification scheduled over the coming months.  


**YogaFit for Balancing Mood-   August 27/28, 2016

**YogaFit Level 3- Meditation and Hands on Adjustments- September  10/11, 2016

**Yogafit Seniors-  October 14, 2016

**Yogafit Addiction and Recovery-  October  15/16, 2016

**Yogafit Anatomy and Alignment- November 12/13, 2016